Monday, December 20, 2010

No. 52 Dolo Monsieur Tranchette * Dolo Señor Tranchette

a yummy thin slice of cheese.
refined guy with a truly distinguished air.
he swings his head easily, loves to swing it all the time.

there're many spanish jokes about this noble cheese, very bad jokes :P,
so he's a very funny character to me.

i've found another meaning of tranchette browsing the net on the blog Cephalogenic,
He says that "According to The Bad For You Cookbook,
Tranchette is the name of a French-Canadian dish....
Tranchette is made by frying white bread in butter,
pouring maple syrup over it,
and then pouring warm cream--a half-cup per serving!--over that."
love this tranchette too!!!
dolo monsieur tranchette is an exclusive one-of-a-kind
handcrafted rag doll, signed and dated
he is approx. 7.5" high by 3.7" wide (19cm x 9,5cm)
his face is carefully hand embroidered.
made with vintage fabrics and
stuffed with polyfill.

posted here too with some friends!

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