Sunday, February 27, 2011

No. 58 Doli Blackberry * Doli Mora

i'm happy to introduce you to doli blackberry.
a yummy and fresh grown wild berry that I found in a back yard.
this blackberry is ripe, juicy and ready for picking.
perfect for a pie! :D

doli blackberry is an exclusive one-of-a-kind
handcrafted rag doll, signed and dated
he is approx. 8.6" high by 7.7" wide (22cm x 12cm)
her face is carefully hand embroidered.
made with vintage fabrics and
stuffed with polyfill.

posted here too with some friends!
on sale here


  1. el bigotillo del tranchete...
    el vestido de la piña y de la mora...
    los tejidos y los colores, qué bonitos...
    love all the gang!!!

  2. his head is such a wonderful colour. you take such beautiful and whimsical photos of your creations!


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