Friday, April 24, 2009

No. 17 Doli little light bulb * Doli bombillita

she's a little bald,
but she's a witty little bulb.
i knew this fabric would suit perfectly on her
in the very moment I saw it.
doli little light bulb is an exclusive one-of-a-kind
handcrafted rag doll, signed and dated
she's approx 9.4" high and 4.7" wide.
her face is carefully hand embroidered.
made with vintage fabrics and
stuffed with polyfill.
posted here and here too.
on sale at my shop

está un poco calvita,
pero es una bombillita con mucha chispa.
cuando encontré esta tela amarilla
enseguida supe que sería para ella.

doli bombillita es una muñeca de trapo exclusiva
hecha a mano, firmada y con fecha.
mide 24cm por 12cm aproximadamente
su cara está cuidadosamente bordada a mano
hecha con telas vintage y
rellena de fibra de poliéster.
la posteé aquí
y aquí.
está a la venta en mi tienda

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